Roof renovation: possibilities and prices
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Roof renovation: possibilities and best prices

The term “roof renovation” is a broad concept. Think for example of a new roof covering or the placement of roof insulation. What work will be necessary, it depends among other things on the condition of the roof. In this article, you will find more information and prices for the various works that you can have carried out during the roof renovation.

1) New roofing

Over time, it is possible that the roof covering will wear out. You can then renew the coverage. If you do not act in time, the risk of leaks and damage to the roof construction increases and this can lead to higher costs. Obviously, the price will depend on the type of cover. You can find an overview of the different covers in this article .

The roof over it is an alternative for a new roof covering. Here, lightweight panels with the appearance of roofing panels are placed over the existing roofing.

2) Place roof insulation

If you have a roof renovation carried out, you can also invest in exterior roof insulation. Insulating a roof from the outside is useful when the interior side of the roof is already finished. In addition, you do not waste space inside and the construction of the roof is better protected against temperature fluctuations.

When insulating the roof from the outside, hard insulating panels are often used. The old roofing panels can possibly be recovered, but finishing with the old panels can cause difficulties. You can find more information on insulating pitched roofs from the outside in this article .

3) Place roofing

In many old houses, there is no roofing. However, it is an important part of the roof; it is a protective layer between the insulating material and the roof covering. The roofing ensures that the insulating material and the underlying construction are protected against moisture, dust and wind.

In order to offer good protection, a roofing must be wind and water resistant. Besides that, it must be vapor permeable. In this way, the humidity of the house which penetrates into the insulating material can still evaporate towards the outside. More information on the roofing screens in this article .

4) Renew the entire roof construction

Not only during the construction of new houses, new roofs are placed. Also when renovating existing roofs, it may be necessary to renew the entire roof construction, for example when the construction begins to flex or is affected by humidity. Since placing a new roof is an intensive task, costs can go up quickly.

The sand plate, which divides the weight of the roof between the underlying walls, must also be replaced sometimes. You can find more information on roofing works related to the roof renovation construction in this article .

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Pay attention to the light during a roof renovation!

A roof renovation is an ideal opportunity to provide additional light in the home, especially when the rooms under the roof are occupied. By providing more natural light, you increase your living comfort.

There are several possible constructions to provide more light. For flat roofs, roof domes and canopies are popular. For pitched roofs, you can choose for a standard skylight or window .

Points of attention for roof renovation

  • Airtightness: the roofer should certainly be asked to take into account the airtightness of the construction. Not only does the thickness of the insulation play an important role, but there is also the circulation of air from the inside to the outside which will have a great impact on heat loss.
  • Gutters and zinc refurbishment: if you have an old roof that is ready for roof renovation, the gutters and zinc will also benefit from a roof renovation. As the roofers are already on site, it would be useless not to renovate these parts of the roof at the same time. In this way, you are sure that you will not have any more worries on your roof for the following years and that your home will appear to be brand new. Also, it will be cheaper when you do the work at the same time as when you have a roofer come back after a few years. You will find everything there is to know about the types of gutters and their materials in this article .
  • Limit the rise in prices: in order to limit the rise in the price of roof renovation, you can do a lot of work yourself. It is, for example, easy to already remove the tiles yourself and recover them after placing an underlay. Obviously, they must still be in good condition and you can take the opportunity to clean them. It is still important to make good arrangements with the roofer, to be sure that there will not be days when you do not have a roof.
  • Need an architect and a planning permit? If it is a roof renovation that has an influence on the stability of the house, it will be necessary to call on an architect. Before having the work carried out, it is best to ask your municipality which permits are required.

Request a quote: Roofing works

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