Building Inspection Make Sure Your Buildings Are Safe
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Building inspection – Make sure your buildings are safe

The constructive safety of buildings is a factor that affects both their owners or users and the environment in which it is located in building inspection. The state of conservation of building inspection that are carried out on them depend largely on their habitability conditions and effective use.

The duty of conservation of buildings

The different existing legislation, whether state, autonomous or local, establishes the obligation of conservation of the buildings and constructions to which we own them.

Poor conservation of buildings can condition stability, security, tightness and compliance with its functionality.

The inspection of building is a legal obligation of the owners of constructions and buildings that exceed the antiques marked by various documents of autonomous scope.

Building inspection benefits

With the building inspection, carried out you can:

  • Know the state of conservation of the building advised by competent technicians in the field.
  • Precast risk situations with possible consequences of associated liability.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation that falls on the owners or communities of building owners.
  • Avoid administrative penalties for breach of the inspection obligation according to the age of the building.

Who is building inspection for?

  • Communities of owners
  • Farm Administrators
  • Wealth managers
  • Building Owners
Building Inspection Make Sure Your Buildings Are Safe

The building inspection

The building inspection is a tool that allows the Communities of Owners with the collaboration of competent technicians to evaluate the state of conservation of their buildings.

In the building inspection, as an entity of Quality Control in Building, assesses the state of conservation, existing deficiencies and recommended measures to undertake the necessary actions for its correction on different elements of the building:

  • Foundation, structure and elements that compromise the mechanical strength and stability of the building.
  • Facades, medians, railings, false ceilings, cornices, cladding, chimneys, machinery and other elements that may affect the safety of people both in interior areas and on public roads.
  • Roofs, roofs, exterior walls, carpentry and other elements that affect habitability and effective use guaranteeing water tightness.
  • General facilities of the building such as plumbing, sanitation, electricity, etc. that do not compromise the habitability or use of the building or be cause for lack of security.

Building inspection process

Our technicians will carry out the corresponding inspection of building evaluating the state of conservation of the elements object of it.

If the elements are in good condition, the favorable inspection report that must be submitted to the competent registration Body will be issued.

Building Inspection Make Sure Your Buildings Are Safe

The situations of serious risk that could be detected and that require actions and repair works will be communicated. In this situation, with the relevant building inspection report, the work license may be requested to perform the repair works.

So that once they have been corrected and the presentation of the building inspection certificate issued by the competent technician who assumes the direction of the works, the Competent Registration Body include the building within the list of buildings that are in a favorable situation.

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