motorbike spares

Quads Motorbike Spares Pro The New Range Of Motorcycle

Men motorbike spares and quads represent one of the most important sectors of the off-road vehicle market. These models cover all ages and appeal to both children and adults.

At Motorcycles we offer you a wide range of quads of all sizes, powers and different styles. Electric and gasoline vehicles, for children and adults. In our already extensive product catalog we wanted to add a superior range of these vehicles. With new features, better finishes and higher quality in short.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

The brand , always seeking to surprise the public, has created this new line of vehicles for use and enjoyment. The brand has been in the leisure vehicle market for many years. In all these years ROAN Racing has been characterized by constant innovation and renewal of its products.

And in 2017 this fact is evident, with the manufacture of numerous new vehicles.

New Motorbike Spares 49mm, 110mm And 125mm Quads

These new motorbike spares models are included within the gasoline men quads . And they range from 49mm spares to 110mm and 125mm models. So they are vehicles for all audiences: children, children with a larger wingspan and adults.

Motorcycle Spare Parts 49mm

Bike 49mm Spare Parts. With motorcycle 49mm spares ″ inch wheels, new design and better performance. It has an ornamental bi faro, speed limiter and a “man over board” safety stop.

Motorcycle 49mm Parts PRO

The bike 49mm Parts Pro Pro surprises with its original design and plastic style. It is worth noting its front and rear supports and its striking comic print, which appeals to both children and adults.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorcycle 110mm

Quad Motorcycle PRO

A vehicle Quads PRO that bridges vehicle the gap between the 49mm mini quads and the larger models. It mounts a 4-stroke engine with electric start, but thanks to its 6 ″ inch wheels it can be driven by both children and adults.

Quad Motorbike PRO

With Quads Motorbike PRO7 ″ inch wheels and remote control, the PRO belongs to a select group of quads. It has a twin headlamp and a rear pilot light as well as a limiter, an electric starter and many other features.

Quad Motorcycle PRO

The Quads 110mm Motorcycle Prode finitivevehicle. This model in addition to bringing all the benefits of quads in its category, comes with large 8 ″ inch wheels, which give it a greater quad appearance. The PRO stands out for its design and quality features.

Quad Motorbike Spares 125mm

Quad Motorbike Spares PRO

The new Quad Bike PRO version of the quad comes with electric start, 3-speed and reverse. It is 72cm high between the ground and the seat and among its many new features we highlight the air lever on the handlebar, which greatly facilitates its start.

And now that you know the PRO range of Motorcycle , why not try it? We are at your disposal in our physical store and of course in our magnificent online store. We will wait for you!!

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