What you need to know about the motorized roll-up garage door
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What you need to know about the motorized best roll-up garage door?

Here is a very practical carpentry … The garage door rolled motorized has something to seduce. Shocking assets that explain why it is found more and more in homes. Principles and advantages of this ally, it is the subject of the day on the blog.

How does a motorized roll-up garage door work?

It is also found under the name “garage door motor winding”. Its mode of operation is simple: it is similar to that of a classic roller shutter. The blades of this garage door are stapled together and curl around an axis, just like a motorized shutter. 

Once the winding is done, the blades are housed in a box specially dedicated to the roll-up garage door. It is generally fixed to the ceiling and designed to receive carpentry.

The roll-up garage door

What are the advantages for the motorized roll-up garage door?

1) You can install it even if your garage overlooks the street

If you live in the city and your garage overlooks a busy street, it’s problematic; indeed, you will not be able to put any door because you need a model that does not overflow to the outside. 

With the passage of pedestrians, an unsuitable door could hurt someone. We must therefore opt for a model that opens and closes without encroaching on the public space. This is the case of the roll-up garage door!

2) You will not get wet anymore!

With a motorized garage door, you stay dry to get into your garage. All the interest of the motorization is there: to return home comfortably. The opening and closing controls take place without you having to go out in the pouring rain.

In addition, you can go further by opting for a system of general centralization. With a home automation box, all your motorized equipment obeys: shutters, bio climatic pergola, sliding aluminum gate and door, you order with the same remote control.

3) The ease of installation

Most often pre programmed at the factory, the roll-up garage door with motorization is easy to install. It was designed so that the average user can install it without taking the head. Some notions of DIY are enough to install it.

The roll-up garage door

4) Optimized space

While some models of automatic garage doors clutter the space and are therefore recommended for large garages, roll-up doors appeal to owners of smaller garages. 

Indeed, with its blades nestling in a chest, the winding door optimizes the space. It does not encroach on the walls or on the ceiling. Thus, the surface is fully available, a major advantage if your garage is small.

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