Pink diamonds : A rare and precious stone booming

Pink diamonds : A rare and precious stone booming

The pink diamond is today one of the most precious gems in the world. Its formation requires a mix of pressure, compression and a quantity of nitrogen present in its precise molecular structure, the pink diamonds represents a tiny part of the diamonds extracted each year. 

At the exit of the mines, only 1 diamond out of 100,000 would be a pink diamond. The rarity and the beauty of this stone make it very sought after and its price knows a very important growth. A pink diamond is on average 10 times more expensive than a white diamond with similar characteristics.

Argyle Pink diamonds Investments

Australian mines hold very fine specimens, but they are also mined around the world (Angola, Borneo, China, Congo, Guinea, Central African Republic, Russia and Tanzania).

In 2012, Rio Tinto, a well-known Anglo-Australian miner, discovered a 12.76-carat diamond in Kimberley. He was named the Argyle Pink Jubilee. 

This is obviously a discovery that shook the world of diamond since it is extremely rare and buyers are ready to put sums unimaginable to acquire these exceptional stones. 

In 2013, the 59.60 carat Rose Pink Star diamond found in a mine in Africa found a buyer at $ 83.2 million. Unique Pink, a 15.38 carat stone that also comes from Africa, was sold for $ 31.56 million in Geneva in 2016!

Pink diamond investment

Pink diamond for investment, our opinion

The price of white diamonds continues to rise and the phenomenon is even more accentuated for pink diamonds which could thus prove to be real bargains for investors. 

However, many prefer to focus on buying white diamonds for two main reasons. First, the price of a white diamond for purchase is more affordable than a pink diamond. Then, white diamonds being “the norm” and their prices being lower, their resale is often more simple.

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